Agence d'architecture Matelier

9 de Março de 2011
Frederico Santos
Miguel Alves
Silvia Fernandes
Sylvain Grasset
Helena Morais
Ivan Lopes
820 m2
Interior Design for a start-up Swiss biotech.
Lausanne / Ecublens / Switzterland
1 100 000 CHF (€860 000)
Project Phase/
From July to November 2010
Construction Work/
From November 2010 to March 2011
Pierre Grasset
This interior Design Project for a Swiss Biotechnology Start-Up should be a reflection of the quality,
dynamism and seriousness of the company whilst maintaining the "roughness" of the existing building, to
show that even tough the company is growing, it continues to work "under the roof ".
The project was formulated around a questionnaire sent to the employees, to understand their unique way
of working and their specific needs. No more oppressive open spaces and isolated offices where teams can
not communicate, were the main guidelines that came out of the questionnaire.
In this Start-Up, each department should be able to close on itself under the leadership of a team leader
or open up to other departments, facilitating their team work. The program also included three meetings
rooms, a reception and a White Room, a place of future production of heart valves.
The 500 m2 situated on the top floor arranged around a central atrium were occupied by acoustic boxes,
that receive the departments teamleaders, that while making up a fractured space also remains fluid,
where workers are organized into teams.
Each box, acoustically isolated from the rest is open on the teams workspace by a bay window. The leader
is in direct contact with its teammates.
Teams of workers are organized in the empty spaces between the boxes and are linked together or separated
by large sliding doors, isolating each of them in privacy concerns.
A corridor acoustically isolated bypasses the central atrium to connect all the teams, without disrupting
the work of others.
Shelving Units are continuously aligned against the facades of the building serves as storage space, but
also the backbone for all electrical networks, computer and air conditioning.
The Customer’s confidence has led us to project our own desks, in order to create a dialogue between them
and the roof of the building.
The signage was given special attention, between the information of the spaces and continuation of
institutional communication of the company, through its color and image.
In addition to the workspace is a lounge that opens to a terrace facing south, a conference room with a
custom oval table, with capacity for 20 people, a boardroom and a reception.
Soon, a meeting room of glass, suspended over the central atrium will connect the two wings of the
building. A white room, production area of the valves will be installed on the lower floor.